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From residential to commercial doors – if you need a part, we’re here ! 

Need New garage door Parts?

Whether it’s a new spring, a coil, an opener or a new cable if you need it Easy is here to help. Believe it or not, a garage door is a complicated mechanism – and even a small failure can have you stuck!

The problem is that some garage door parts are hard to source and to install! What’s more, given the amount of tension fixing them can be dangerous.

That’s why it’s easier and quicker to give the experts at Easy Garage Repair Perth a call. We pride ourselves on knowing everything there is to know about garage door parts and how to install them.

What’s more – we’re happy to help you find any type of part needed. That means every single brand of any age. So no matter your problem, rest easy knowing that we’ll get it sorted.

Even if you want to DIY, Easy is happy to simply source any garage door part you may need, even if it means importing from outside Perth.

So if your garage door needs a new part don’t wait – call Easy today and get the part today at a price you can afford! 


Garage Door Parts available in Perth Western Australia thanks to Rapid repairs

What our customers say

“My Garage Door stopped working one day and I had no idea why! Called Easy and they told me the garage door spring was broken. They replaced it and got it working in no time! Great work guys.”

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Richard, Hilarys

Common Parts

Did you know Garage doors are one of the most used mechanisms in your house? So it’s no wonder you may need new parts. Here’s how Easy helps:

Need a part right now? Our Emergency Garage Door Repair is here to help!


Sometimes garage door springs get warn out and need replacing. When this occurs it’s important that an expert takes care of the job to stop any dangerous faults happening during the replacement. 

Replacement Remote

Small part, big issue. A faulty or lost garage door remote can be seriously annoying. Luckily Easy can fix or replace your garage door remote in no time!

opener / Motor

A garage door motor works hard. Opening and closing your door  around 1000 times a year. At Easy we specialise in sourcing and installing every type of garage door motor. 

Garage Door Panels

Accidently driven a little too far? Or backyard cricket knocked a panel out? No matter what the cause, Easy can help you replace the panels on your garage door today!

Easy Garage Repairs Perth are proud to offer you the best service, price and expertise our city can offer. Our team services every brand and every type of garage and roller door and will have yours fixed in no time!


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