Garage Door Spring Replacement PERTH

No matter where you are – we’ll repair your door springs today! 

Do You Need garage door springs?

A garage door spring is one of the most crucial parts of your garage or roller door – In fact, without them, your door simply won’t work!

The problem is that they are hard to fix and because of how tightly they’re wound, fixing them can be dangerous. Garage door springs usually come in two different types: Torsion and Extension. Both of these Garage Door springs will open and close your door – but operate very differently!

That’s why the experts at Easy Garage Door Repair Perth are here to help. We know everything there is to know about garage door springs and how to replace them. What’s more – we’re proud to service every single brand and fix every problem that your garage or roller door springs may have. 

Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation, or have a garage door spring repair cost you thousands. Our team is fully licensed and ready to fix or replace your spring today.

So if you need a spring fixed or replaced stuck – call Easy now for garage door repair you can trust and afford! 


Open garage door after opener was repaired in Perth Wester Australia

What our customers say

“My Garage Door stopped working one day and I had no idea why! Called Rapid and they told me the garage door spring was broken. They replaced it and got it working in no time! Great work guys.”

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Common Problems

Whether it’s old or rusted there are a number of problems our customers find with garage door springs:

Need your springs replaced now? Rapid Garage Door Emergency Repair is here to help!

Out of balance springS

Is your door making noise when opening and closing? This is a common problem that can be caused when garage door springs are out of balance. And trust us, it’s not going to get better on it’s own. 

Loosened springs

One of the man issues with garage door springs is that they lose tension over years. This eventually causes garage door failure. That’s when you need a pro to help get them back on track.

loosened spring brackets

When it comes to Perth garage doors it’s not always just the springs. The housing or brackets can also loosen over time, which leads to noise, slowness and even failure. 

Spring replacement

Sometimes a garage door spring gets warn out and simply needs replacing. When this occurs it’s important that an expert takes care of the job to stop any faults happening during the replacement.