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Does your garage door need service or maintennce? We’re here to help! 

GARAGE Door service you can trust.

Does your garage or roller door need servicing in Perth?

Given that an average garage door will open and close 1000 times a year it’s no wonder that they require yearly service. Unfortunately Easy we know that garage and roller doors are often forgotten about until it’s too late. So don’t end up stuck! Having your garage door serviced and maintained regularly could save you thousands – and save you from disaster.

Easy specialises in servicing every single type of garage or roller door – from home units to commercial. So no matter what your brand, size or style you can rest assured that we know how to service it.

Our team of garage and roller door specialists is fully licensed and undertake comprehensive training – which means they’re ready to get your door back to it’s the best today. With our expertise and commitment to customer service Easy is one of Perth’s most trusted garage door repair companies. 

So don’t wait until you’re stuck to get your garage door serviced in Perth – call Easy now and save your self the hassle (and headache) of being caught with a stuck door!

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What our customers say

“I hadn’t even thought about a garage door service before – but after my friend was left stuck I knew it was time. Called Easy and everything’s working perfectly. Love having the piece of mind.”

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Simon, Cannington

Common Problems

Not sure if you need Garage Door Servicing? Here are some reasons why it’s important:

Need it repaired now? Easy Garage Door Repair is here to help!

Garage Doors Age

Like everything in your house, garage doors age – the only problem is that it’s easy to forget! From a build up of rust to housing and motor issues there is a number of things that we can fix now to stop a disastrous fault.

Loose fittings

Did you know a garage door is used around 1000 times a year?? With all of these vibrations it’s easy for parts to become loosened over time. Don’t let it catch you unaware – an expert eye is critical to spotting these issues.

Slowing motor

Over time a garage or roller door motor will slow – putting added strain on the chains and springs. The cause of this is usually a build up a rust and weakening of fixings. Call now and avoid replacing your motor.

Maintain your warranty

Most new garage doors come with great warranties – however this can become void if you’re not getting regular Perth garage door services.  Don’t lose out on your warranty, get your door serviced today.