From its pristine coastline to the iconic Valley of the Giants region, Western Australia is a place of unmatched beauty. Visitors flock to Perth to get a taste of the natural wonderland.

You can stroll gently along the pristine sands and get that exotic holiday feeling or hike across the lush tingle forests and let the fresh air do wonder for your body and mind.

Almost every place in Perth is worth exploring, even local folks are still enamored of the city and often feel like they’re on some exotic holiday every time they drive or take a leisure stroll.

Here are 3 of the best drives you shouldn’t miss in Perth Western Australia to get you car out of the garage and into adventure.

Forest Fun

In Australia’s South West region lies Pemberton and its forest-covered vicinities in majestic splendor.

It is a natural valley worth escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for a drive across its towns of Denmark and Walpole while listening to the chirping of birds and sounds of the wind as it rushes among the 400-year-old trees.

get out of your new garage door installation and into the beautiful drives of Perth

The Forest Fun is a 48KM drive from the South Western Highway to the Valley of the Giants through the towering and tingle forest land of karri trees, jarrah trees, marri trees and ridges of weathered granite.

You will get to explore the best nature trail with the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk and the AncientEmpire Boardwalk; which puts the Forest Fun Drive among the top 3 Best drives in Perth.

You get to catch a bird’s eye view of the tall red tingle trees, and savannah vegetation as you walk along the lightweight steel trusses situated 40m above the natural valley. The Giants Tree Top Walk is so gentle that you can bring your kids along this wonderland.

Coral Coat Drive

Are you up for some beach hopping and smelling the wildflowers with your buddies? This drive to explore the Indian Ocean coastline that lies between Perth and Geraldton promises exactly that plus some other surreal adventures along the way. 

You will get to explore the Pinnacles Desert and its dreamy limestone pillars: surf the giant sand dunes, walk on its moonscape and binge on some fresh lobster.

This coastline is also a hotspot for wildflower which blooms between August and September brightening the trails with an iconic array of colors and making the drive more surreal. Fun favorite activities once you reach Ningaloo include snorkeling, feeding dolphins at the Monkey Mia, swimming alongside the whale sharks and hiking across the red river gorges in Kalbarri.

Sunset Tourist Drive

This drive gives you a glimpse of the best instagrammable moments in Perth, so be sure to bring your camera along. You start at Cottesloe beach, enjoy a cup of full-bodied tea at the Iconic Indiana Tea House.

From here get on the Marine Parade and proceed north onto the West Coast Highway to the City Beach.

Make a stop at the Bold Park bushland for some panoramic view of the city atop the Reabold Hill which is the city’s most elevated natural point.

From City Beach get onto the West Coast Scenic Drive and head to the Indian Ocean Coast for a taste of the beach life: it’s bays, pristine sands, warm waters, and oceanfront cafes.

Hillary’s Boat Harbour is a great place for eating, picnics, and shopping which makes the beachfront the best place to end the Sunset Tourist Drive.

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