It is vital that your garage doors work correctly. Valuables such as self propelled lawn mowers and bicycles are often stored in the garage. If there is an issue with the door, you are giving thieves the advantage they are looking for.

If your home can be seen from the road, keep your garage door shut. Do not give people the opportunity to see what you store in your garage. When you do, you will become a target.

Garages are a convenience. They add extra storage space without cluttering up the inside of your home. Many items that people store in the garage are rarely used or frequently used outside.

Things to Store in Your Garage:

  • Vehicles
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Yard tools
  • Lawnmowers
  • Sporting goods
  • Outdoor toys
  • Workshop tools
  • Car supplies
  • Gym equipment
  • Old files
  • Patio furniture
  • Pool accessories
  • Seasonal decorations

What Not to Store in Your Garage

Many people store whatever they want in their garage. But there are some things you should never store in your garage. These items include:

  • Hazardous Materials

You can frequently find fuel, propane tanks, chemicals, and oily rags stored in a garage. However, many of these items are hazardous and flammable. Instead of storing these dangerous items in your garage, leave them outside, away from any ignition source.

They should also be kept in a safe place where children and pets cannot get into them.

  • Things That attract Pests

You want to keep insects and vermin out of our garage. Pests are an all too common problem in garages. So, do not store items in your garage that attract pests.

Some of these items include firewood, pet food, bird seed, clothes, books, dirty grills, and garbage cans.

  • Delicate or Priceless Items

The inside of the garage is often exposed to outdoor temperatures and humidity. Temperature fluctuations, intense heat, extreme cold, and high humidity can damage fragile items.

Never store photographs, antiques, electronics, wood furniture, or records in a garage.

  • Freezer or Refrigerator

A lot of people have an extra freezer or refrigerator plugged in the garage. But these appliances can use a lot of energy when they are exposed to heat. Instead of keeping these appliances out in a garage, keep them inside where temperatures are regulated.

If you do need to put your refrigerator in your garage, here are some tips. 

  • Valuables

Garages are targets for thieves. They can slip in and out easily, without being detected. If you keep valuables stored in the garage, you have a higher chance of them being stolen.

How to Keep Your Stored Items Protected

Garages are often the best and most convenient areas to store items. Yet items stored in the garage are exposed to more issues that will lead to damage. When storing your possessions in your garage take these tips into consideration.

  • Do Not Use Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are easily damaged by moisture and pests. Instead, store your items in plastic storage bins. You can purchase clear bins, so you can see what is inside. Or you can label all the containers.

  • Cover the Windows

Most thieves like to have an idea of what they are getting. By keeping the windows covered, they will not be able to see what you are storing in the garage. They want to hit homes where they can get a lot of valuables fast. Using curtains will help deter some thieves.

  • Do Not Have a Messy Garage

When your garage is messy, there is a higher chance of someone getting hurt. And items stored in the garage can also be damaged when someone falls or trips over something.

  • Put Everything Away

Once you are done using a tool, or a piece of garden equipment, put it away. Everything should have its own space. Nothing should be left lying around where it can be damaged. This will also help to ensure that nothing gets lost or misplaced.

  • Use a Deadbolt

The service door on a garage is often on the side of the garage. This can give a burglar a little privacy. Most service doors only have a standard lock. Make it harder for them to break in by adding a deadbolt.

  • Add Extra Lighting

Burglars typically strike at night because they are less likely to be noticed in the dark. This is why it is important to install lighting. If you do not want the lights to be on all the time, use motion-activated flood lights. The light will likely startle the intruder and scare them off.

Let Us Handle Your Garage Door Repair Needs

A garage is a perfect area for storing your vehicles along with many other items. But if there is a problem with the garage door, you are setting yourself up for a breakdown or thieves. Whether you store your self propelled lawn mower in the garage or outdoor toys, they should be safe.

The ideal garage door will always open and close smoothly with no issues. But just as with any item with moving parts, it needs proper maintenance to keep it operating effortlessly for years to come. 

If you are experiencing any issue that is not easily remedied, do not try to fix the door yourself. Garage door repair can be dangerous and difficult. Instead, call a professional.