Garage doors differ in types, materials, and prices.

The better the material, the more expensive the price is. Aside from the installation, you also need to prepare a budget for the repair and maintenance.

These services will help you extend the life span of your garage door and prevent future damages. By having a garage and installing your garage doors, you impliedly take the responsibility to be accountable for it whenever they need to be serviced.

Now, if you are wondering how often should a garage door be serviced, let us walk you through the things that you should consider.

Why is it important to have your garage door checked?

Before we answer your question as to the frequency of garage door services, let us first be clear about how important these services are.

1) Saves your garage door from being damaged.

Regular garage door checkup can save our garage door from being damaged. How? Because technicians can spot the sources of damages beforehand and you’ll know how to resolve them as early as you can.

2) Extends the life span of your garage door.

Another reason why having your garage door checked is important is that it extends the life span of your garage door. If your door can last until 5 years, it can live longer if you take care of it. Good maintenance is the key to extend your garage door.

3) Helps you save your money.

Imagine spending just around a hundred dollars to add years to your garage door’s life. You can save a massive amount instead of preparing yourself for future repairs. You would want to know the issue with your garage door beforehand. And by calling a professional to check up on it, you will save a lot of money.

How often should a garage door be serviced?

The answer depends on how regularly you want it to be checked. Some garage owners call professional technicians monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

The standard checkup period if you’ve just installed your garage door is yearly. This only applies if there are no issues with your door. But in case you encounter a problem, you should not hesitate to call a service technician to repair it. Garage Door Repair Perth

Included in the yearly checkup is preventive maintenance such as tightening the screws and bolts, lubricating areas of the garage door, and adjusting spring tension. In case you want to request for a specific service to be done, talk to your technician about it.

If you are wondering about how long can regular checkups prolong the life of your garage door, the answer still depends on the current condition of your door, the frequency of maintenance services, and how careful you are when using it. There are factors to consider but for sure, the more you spend time seriously care for it, the more it will last long. Be a responsible garage owner and let a professional help you check your garage door.