In Australia, garages play many roles apart from keeping cars. They act as storage facilities for bicycles, household belongings, tools, and equipment. Most homeowners don’t check their garages for possible issues until huge problems arises.

Most of these problems are visible and can be avoided by regularly checking different warning signs. One of the common signs your garage needs maintenance is improper functioning of the door.

Below are the top reasons why a garage door stops working. If you find your garage door broken in Perth, be sure to give us a call for same-day repair in Perth, Western Australia.

1. Misaligned track

When there’s a misalignment in your garage door track, the door will stop working. Your garage door can only work properly if there are no visible gaps between the rail and rollers. Having bends on the garage door rails will also make it difficult for the door to work.

2. Worn-out rollers

Rollers play a critical role in the working of a garage door. They ensure the door glides properly on the track during opening and closing. If your garage door rollers wear out, your door won’t work properly and you will need maintenance services. If the damage is intense, the garage door will stick in one position until the roller replacement is done.

3. Broken springs

Sometimes, your door might suddenly stop working completely. You might find that the transmitters are okay and the motor is receiving power as usual. In this case, your garage door torsion springs might be broken. When these springs break, they produce a large bang that you’re likely to notice if you’re around. Even if a single torsion spring breaks, your garage door opener won’t open the door completely.

4. Dead transmitter battery

For your garage door to work normally, power is required to run the transmitters. However, the transmitter batteries are dead, signals won’t be sent to open your garage door. In this case, you should remove the dead batteries and replace them with new ones.

5. Faulty limit settings

You might close your garage door as usual and then notice that the door goes back to its initial position thereafter. This mostly happens for newly installed garage doors. If you notice this, the problem might be faulty limit settings. In this case, you need to call a garage repair service to reset your garage door limit. The limit settings give a signal to the door opener on the extent that the garage door should move during opening and closing.

6. Malfunctioning of remote control

Some garage doors use a remote control to open and close. Therefore, if the remote control malfunctions, the garage door stops working. Some causes of this malfunction include being out of range, damaged antenna, battery damage, and faulty settings.

7. Disruption of power source

Since most garage doors are electric-powered, some people may unintentionally unplug the source of power without knowing. When it’s time to use the garage, they start wondering why the door isn’t working. Later, they realize that there was a power interruption. In some cases, the power source might just stop working if the fuse or circuit breaker gets destroyed.

In conclusion, these are some of the top reasons why a garage door stops working. Every time you experience garage door problems, you should contact a garage door repair company to check and make the necessary adjustments to restore its proper function.