If your garage door in Perth, Western Australia doesn’t work correctly or is damaged, you can either choose to repair or replace it.

However, the challenge comes in when deciding on which way to go. If you leave any minor damage unattended, they can grow to even bigger problems with time.

A damaged garage door will also act as a gateway for intruders who pose security threats to your items as well as pests. Additionally, if your garage door is damaged, a lot of air will enter inside. During the summer, when hot air enters your garage, you’ll have increased air conditioning expenses.

On the other hand, during winter, a lot of cold air will enter your garage and thus raising your heating expenses. A damaged garage door will also destroy your general outlook and appearance of your home. Below are some scenarios that will help you decide on whether to repair or replace your garage door:

Level of damage

You can decide to repair or replace your garage door depending on the level of damage. If your door has minor damages that don’t affect its functionality and structural integrity, you’ll just need to call a garage door repair company to make the necessary adjustments.

On the other hand, your garage door might have some moderate damages that compromise its functionality to some extent. In this case, if you think that your door won’t effectively protect your belongings, you should consider replacing it. Finally, serious garage door damages that make the door difficult to open and close, call for replacement.


Some people will consider cost as a factor that decides if to repair or replace a garage door. However, this also depends on the magnitude of damage. Installation of a new garage door is quite expensive compared to repair.

If your garage door isn’t severely damaged, considering a repair is the best option. In this case, you won’t incur a lot of money as in the case of purchasing a new garage door. Sometimes, homeowners who use their garages to store valuable items don’t take chances on any garage problem. Even if the problem is minor, they’ll consider replacing the garage door to be sure that their belongings are always safe.

Age of the door

When a garage door gets old, it starts to wear out slowly by slowly. This wearing out can compromise the safety of your car and other belongings. In this case, you’ll need to garage door replacement immediately. In some cases, your garage door might be old but strong especially if the material used was durable. If some minor damages happen, you might consider calling a professional garage door repair company for repairs.

Change in functionality

A properly working garage door will open and close without any difficulty. However, if the door starts producing an abnormal noise, starts sticking or opening and closing slowly than normal, you should consider repairing or replacing the door. However, this will be determined by the level of change in functionality. You should call a garage door professional to assess the problem so that you can know which option to use. The best course of action can only be determined by a professional, meaning that you can save a lot by simply repairing the door or incur costs for new garage door installation.

Level of energy consumption

You might notice that your garage door has started using a lot of energy. Poor energy efficiency is a sign that something is wrong with the door. As garage doors age, they continue losing their energy efficiency properties. Therefore, if your notice an increase in your energy costs, you should consider getting a new garage door. New doors usually have proper insulation. This will increase your home’s value especially when you want to sell it.

In conclusion, these are some top scenarios that will assist you in deciding whether to repair or replace your garage door. Regardless of whether you decide to repair or replace your garage door, you should always contact a professional garage door service. These specialists have the knowledge, skills and experience in handling all garage door problems.