Every year, home renovations always appear to point in one direction or another. What was trending last year is no longer the norm this year and is not the following year, either.

While trends come and go, money is spent every year in various areas of the home, and as a homeowner, it pays to keep up with these trends. Here are 5 most trending home renovations.

Smart home innovations

Homes and appliances are just getting smarter and smarter. Just the other day, coffee makers can be programmed to have your coffee brewed and ready for when you wake up.

home renovations for garage doors and installation

Refrigerators would alert you when you are running out of grocery items while heating systems and lighting can be programmed with to adjust based on time of day.

All of these can be adjusted using your Smartphone or tablet. Many have switched to using Alexa for more tasks.

Neutral palettes with color pop

Due to an overall concentration on minimalistic design and ordinary models toward more dull colors, neutral colors have remained a big trend.

Nowadays, homeowners prefer more creative neutral tones than whites and tans.

Unique shades of gray, brown, and other nature-inspired tones are working their way into people’s choices of siding colors, concrete, and exterior paint.

The use of accents to add pops of color brightens up these home exteriors lending a unique personality. 

Often kitchen are using this natural colour and pop design. We are seeing

Upcycling Kitchen Appliances and Repairing Them

According to Perth’s largest appliance repair company Quality Appliance Repair Perth. It is becoming far more trendy to update your existing kitchen and appliances. More specifically oven repairing in Perth and upcycling is becoming more popular with home renovations.

The appliance repair business Nationwide Appliance Repairs from Brisbane also say that many people are preferring to repair and regurgitate their appliances than buy new. Their Brisbane oven repair service has been more popular than ever.

The Green Theme

This trend is continuing and growing more and more popular. If a homeowner who wants the best investment percentage and the highest return on their investment in their renovations, then it’s time to go green.

This means using sustainable materials such as water collectors for collecting rainwater for gardening, bamboo for flooring, and tri-pane windows.

Any energy saving renovation does increase the value of a home by a great deal.

Many home owner are repairing their garage doors with green themes to make a hideout like no other.

Some are more expensive than others; however, if a homeowner begins with smaller projects, they can have a home that is worth more in no time and is much better for the environment.

Designer soffits and fascia

The essential piece of roofing in the market today is soffits and fascia. By selecting the best ones, it can offer both structural supports that protect your home and adds unique beautiful touches to your property.

Soffits have a proper thickness that doesn’t dent during exposure storms, winds, and snow.

The best soffits are particularly critical to the breeze, which helps more efficiently control temperatures in both summer and winter. Both designs can be made to combine flawlessly with your current exterior or provide unique curves that add flavor to your design.

Large windows

Larger windows tend to complement the airy space. When homes have nice yards or beautiful views, large windows help eliminate as many obstacles between the indoors and outdoors. Large windows create an even more open and grand-feeling space in any home.

Large windows create an even more open and grand-feeling space in any home.


From an artisanal approach heading to a resurgence in the demand of concrete to more homeowners adding dashes of color, it is a perfect time to make investments in the home renovation using the 5 most trending home renovations ideas in Perth, Western Australia

Assess your home today to see what types of changes you might make in keeping with the home renovation trends as well.