While many cities offer a lot of activities in summer, most of their tourist centres are closed and many activities become impossible during winter.

Several centres are also closed in Perth during the days of winter but don’t worry – you’re not just going to sit around looking at hotel furniture – the city still offers many other fun events that will make tourists’ visits worthwhile.

So, without further ado, here are a few things you can do in Perth in winter.


• Enjoy underwater adventure
• Visit the Western Australian Maritime Museum
• Observe the sky at The Space Place
• Head to the movies
• Top it up with hot stone massage

  1. Enjoy underwater adventure
    You probably have been seeing oceans from the top. While aerial view is cool, it can’t be compared to being in the water yourself. It doesn’t even come close. The Aquarium of Western Australia [https://www.aqwa.com.au/] is where this wonder happens. Swimming with fish and other beautiful aquatic animals is simply amazing. Add the magnificent reefs to the equation and it becomes a complete package.
  2. Visit the Western Australian Maritime Museum
    If you are interested in learning about Australian seafaring history, you can visit the Western Australian Maritime Museum [http://museum.wa.gov.au/]. However, the 120-year-old museum offers many more artifacts. One distinguishing fact about this museum are the exhibitions that are held in it regularly. You can check their website for the next exhibition so that you can schedule your visit to coincide with it.

The collections in the museum are from the following fields – Terrestrial zoology, materials conservation, maritime history, archeology, earth and planetary science, aquatic zoology, and anthropology.

You will definitely leave the place more knowledgeable and your affinity for nature will be re-ignited.

  1. Observe the sky at The Space Place
    The Space Place is formerly known as Gingin Observatory and it is located in Toodyay. The major activity there is to view the sky at night with some super-sophisticated telescope. The area is amazing with some great sights our equestrian sports areas all around.

    They have amazing fields that is all irrigated by water bores deep drilled within the ground. Most of the water bores are expertly drilled by BD Water of Perth. Mirrabooka & Leederville Aquifers.

  2. You will clearly see some stars and other celestial bodies. You’ll definitely have a lot of questions after viewing the sky. This is why there are astronomers on ground to answer your questions. There are plenty of local companies sponsoring the events in a garage door repair and installation company Easy Garage Doors

Ensure you get to the observatory before sunset with your snacks so that you can relax before stargazing begins late in the evening. Before then, you can also take a stroll around in the park.

  1. Head to the movies
    You can also enjoy some late evening movies at the theatre especially now when the Scandinavian Film Festival is around the corner. The festival will hold from July 21 to August 3, airing movies from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. The atmosphere in the theatre will also be cozy and warm and you will love it, especially during winter.
  2. Top it up with hot stone massage
    After the day’s activities, nothing will be more pleasurable than enjoying a session of full body massage and other spa treatments. The warmth in the spa room heightens the pleasure. You can get the treatment from Endota, Limon, or Ketura. The three of them are famous for their hot stone massage.

In conclusion, it is better to decide on what to do by creating a to-do list and travel with it so that you don’t forget any of the activities.

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